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PMR Ltd goes International and are again invited into South East Asia....

Nora Doherty, Director of PMR Ltd

has led mediation trainings in SINGAPORE and SHANGHAI for top HR Professionals

- have 20 years experience as world class specialists in Workplace Mediation

- abide by the European Code of Conduct for Mediators

- are an 'Open College Network National Approved Centre'

- were the 'first' to offer accredited training in 'Workplace Mediation' in the UK

- were the 'first' to offer an accredited 'Supervision' training for Mediators in UK




'Mediation & Conflict Resolution Skills for Managers'- 2 days
'Mediation & Conflict Resolution Skills for Managers'- 2 days

Do you want to train your Managers or front line staff in highly effective mediation and conflict resolution skills to defuse every day differences so that they do not escalate?

This 2 day in-house training informs managers what Workplace Mediation is and also gives them highly usful and practical skills in dealing with every day conflicts and differences.

Download the Course information here

Contact us for the full costings and to arrange the training at your organisation for your staff

OCN National Certificate 'Mediation in the Workplace'- 6 days in two units of 3 days each
OCN National Certificate 'Mediation in the Workplace'- 6 days in two units of 3 days each

Do you want to train your staff or HR personnel to carry out workplace mediations?

Then you need Certificate 'Mediation in the Workplace' Units 1 & 2 nationally accredited by the Open College Network - in two units of 3 days each

The UK standard for training your staff to carry out workplace mediation usually as part of your personnel policies (such as grievance or bullying/harssment)

Contact us and we will give you the full costings and arrange the training at your location for your staff

'According to the CIPD, employers whose staff are trained in mediation skills have 50% fewer Employment Tribunal claims....'

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