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News & Special Offers 


PMR Ltd goes International and are again invited into South East Asia....

Nora Doherty, Director of PMR Ltd

has led mediation trainings in SINGAPORE and SHANGHAI for top HR Professionals

- have 20 years experience as world class specialists in Workplace Mediation

- abide by the European Code of Conduct for Mediators

- are an 'Open College Network National Approved Centre'

- were the 'first' to offer accredited training in 'Workplace Mediation' in the UK

- were the 'first' to offer an accredited 'Supervision' training for Mediators in UK




 OCN Certificate Public Courses 
Do you want a workplace mediation training that is - nationally accredited - highly recommended - led by people with many years experience in mediation - the longest running - and the best value in terms of cost ?

then PMR public courses are for you or for your staff.....

OCN accredited National Certificate 'Mediation in the Workplace' Units 1 & 2

PMR run world class quality, highly regarded 'public courses' every year - open to anyone who wishes to train to be a workplace mediator or integrate the skills into their present work role

Next public course with places available:

Woodland Grange Conference Centre, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire UK - 5 day residential

June 17th - 21st 2015

Cost: £1700 no vat - best value ever...

Special Offer - FREE ensuite room and FREE full board


These accredited courses equip you to carry out workplace mediation 'internally' for your organisation or 'externally' as an independent workplace mediator.


PMR courses are long established and are highly regarded as accredited training for workplace mediators whether you wish to integrate these skills into your present work role or to offer workplace mediation as an independent mediator. PMR were the first to design and to offer accredited training in workplace mediation in the UK.

This Certificate course gives excellent vocational skills training for people to carry out mediation between employees who are not working well together or where a complaint has been made such as a grievance or bullying complaint.

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 Course Information & Content as pdf file 
 Who is it for? 

Directors, Managers at all levels, Human Resources Personnel, Internal Mediators, Training Officers, Harassment Support staff, Counsellors, Welfare or Complaints staff, Diversity staff, Management consultants, Coaches or any individual wanting a recognised accredited training in workplace mediation.

No prior qualifications are required.

 What is the Accreditation? 

Successful completion of the Certificate Units 1 & 2 course will give you a recognised Open College Network Credit National Certificate in 'Mediation in the Workplace' (at level 2 or 3)

The quality of this training is thus assured and stringently assessed by internal and external moderation and verification.

The OCNWMR is an awarding body recognised by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in England.

PMR are an 'Open College Network National Approved Centre'. This workplace mediation course has been designed by PMR and is under copyright.

This course is only available through PMR Ltd and no other provider.

Want this course in-house for your staff?


 What is the Assessment? 

The assessments for this Certificate training are straight forward and no extra training days or addtions are required. All you have to do is to attend Units 1 & 2  and complete a written assignment (about what you have learnt on the course) at the end of each unit and e-mail it to us about two weeks after the unit ends.

 What are the Units? 

Unit 1  'Facilitating a Mediation' 3 days - you can do on its own as a good introduction to workplace mediation and its skills if you do not want the accreditation/certificate.

Unit 1 & 2 OCN National Certificate in 'Mediation in the Workplace'  6 days - you need to complete both Units 1 & 2 in order to be receive the accreditation.

The June 2015 5 residential intensive incorporates both Units 1 & 2

Unit 3 Advanced OCN Certificate 'Workplace Mediation with Teams' 3 days - for those who have completed Units 1 & 2 (or equivalent). Mediating with Teams or work groups requires the additional skills training of this Unit 3 - the only accredited certificate course of its kind in the UK....

Unit 4 OCN Certificate 'Supervision Skills for Mediators'  2 days - for experienced mediators, in any sector of mediation, who needs the skills to supervise other mediators.

 Public Course Venues 

4 Star WOODLAND GRANGE CONFERENCE CENTRE, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

News - Special '5 day Intensive' residential

Easily accessible from all over the UK and overseas, with direct trains to Leamington only one and quarter hours from London...

SPECIAL OFFER - on the 5 day residential courses we are offering a special offer of FREE ensuite room and FREE breakfast/ lunch/ evening meal. You pay the course fee only and the rest of the residential (ensuite room and full board) is free of charge...saving you up to £600 and making this the best value, lowest cost training of its kind in the UK.

Course Cost = £1700 (no vat)

June 17th - 21st 2015  5 days


Advanced Unit 3 'Workplace Mediation for Teams'
OCN Certificate  3 day residential 

Learn new skills to mediate teams or groups

Woodland Grange Conference Centre, Leamington Spa UK

June 17, 18, 19th 2015 - 3 day residential

4 star high grade training venue- ensuite rooms and fine dining all included

£1200 no vat inclusive of full board accomodation

only for those who have completed Units 1 & 2 or equivalent

BOOK now


 DISCOUNTS on public courses 
PUBLIC COURSE DISCOUNTS - RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT WHEN YOU BOOK 3 OR MORE PEOPLE ONTO THE SAME may want to consider booking your staff on one of our public courses as this could be cost effective for small numbers (i.e. 7 and under). Just submit a booking form for each person and ask for the discount in the 'comment' box on the booking form.

These public courses do fill up very quickly- so Submit your BOOKING FORM now

 Outline Course Programme Units 1 & 2 

   OCN National Certificate 'Mediation in the Workplace' Units 1 & 2

Outline Programme




What is Conflict

Conflict associations and feelings

Conflict positive and negative

Responses to Conflict - your own personal response

How organisations respond to conflict

How Mediation differs from other dispute resolution methods

Dispute Resolution Terms


group warm up exercise

What is Workplace Mediation

Viewing of Part 1 of the PMR DVD 'Workplace Mediation'



Six Step Structure

Part 2 of the DVD - viewing a mediation concerning a bullying complaint against a manager

The Skills of a Mediator

Mediation theory -

The concept of Win/Win

Positions, Interests and Needs

Win/Win negotiating and examples

Closing circle



Checking in with group re: Learning Outcomes

Listening Skills exercises

Listening and remembering

Listening and summarising

Note-taking in mediation

Listening and rapport building

Matching and Leading

Reframing Inflammatory language

'Mini- Role-plays' of dealing with difficult feelings or situations in a mediation


group warm up exercise

Strategies and phrases to remain impartial when mediating

Stages 1 and 2 of a six step mediation in detail

Role-plays of stage 1 & 2 of a joint mediation

When Mediation is appropriate to use and when not

Closing circle



The purpose of individual meetings

Dealing with strong emotions in a mediation

Example of Mediation Voluntary Agreements

Role-plays of solo six step mediation to stage of at least one written agreement (using scenarios provided) - ocn skills assessment 


group relaxation and visualisation exercise

Co-Mediation role-plays

The pros and cons of co-mediation

When to use co-mediation

Closing circle and end of unit one




reasons for conflict in the workplace

personal triggers

different work cultures and conflict

mediation skills of acknowledging and validating both parties


group warm up exercise

theories of interpersonal control dramas

dynamics of interactions - persecutor/victim/rescuer

and how to deal with this as a mediator

skills to deal with someone getting angry with you

role-play - the 'brief mediation' conflict intervention model to defuse every day work conflicts and differences

closing circle



 group exercise

prejudices, biases and judgements

how to manage your own judgements when mediating

maintaining 'impeccable impartiality'

how cultural differences can be part of workplace conflicts



group warm up exercise- honouring your own cultural background

discrimination and what is needed from the mediator

how organisations might discriminate against certain groups

challenging racist or other remarks in a mediation

anti-discrimination practice for mediators

uses of mediation in personnel policies i.e. grievance, harassment and bulling, dignity at work, equal opportunities



defining mediatable issues

balancing power within a mediation

dealing with complex mediations - a case study exercise and discussion

different uses of mediation in organisations

eliciting ideas and solutions

encouraging solutions even when an impasse


group warm up exercise

role-play of a joint mediation using the case study

the overall benefits of mediation

closing circle

Please note this outline programme may be subjected to change..

END - successful completion of these Units 1 & 2 = OCN accredited Certificate in 'Mediation in the Workplace'

Please note that we are at liberty to makes changes to this programme.


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